Under Construction……..

The current site is about innovation in refrigeration. A section on fashion is under construction. You can also visit theĀ old (refrigeration) site at www.nightwind.eu

A new site on innovation in refrigeration

To bring you up to date information on exciting innovations in refrigeration, we are building a new website. We show the developments we are working on here at Saint Trofee. For example, we are proud to present the outlines of an onnovative solid state heat pump for comfort heating and cooling. This ActiveWall heat pump is integrated in the wall of a building and thus reduces installation space requirements. Also, we present the ColdShift time of use controller. This controller shifts the electricity use of your refrigeration installation to moments where the electricity price is low. And you can find information on our thermal modelling software. BERtix for modelling of meat cooling, and BAKtix for modelling the cooling and freezing of bakery products.

Keeping up to date

On this up to date version of the Saint Trofee website, we present many of the topics which we also presented on the old website . We dropped some older topics on this new site to make place for a focus on new developments. Of course you can still contact us about these older topics. Such as the energy labelling of refrigerated coldstores for the BREEAM -NL quality mark (pdf).