Supermarket performance indicators

Do you have an energy efficient supermarket? First of all, you will need to know some indicators about your own supermarket. Then, you can compare them with indicators of “average” supermarkets. Saint Trofee studied performance indicators for energy efficient supermarket buildings, as well as their average vlues. We did this work together with researchers from Denmark and Sweden.

The work was a part (Annex 44) of the HPT technology collaboration program of the International Energy Agency (IEA-HPT).

In particular, we studied supermarkets in The Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden. Additionally, we also had data from the USA and Canada from an earlier study. First of all, we studied the energy use per square meter, because it is a performance indicator that is widely used . As a result, we found an average value of 400 kWh/m2 per year. In addition, we looked into the relation of the energy use per square meter with opening hours, supermarket size and other factors. You will find the results in the study report.

Energy Intensity (heat + electricity as a function of total floor area) for Supermarkets of a particular Dutch supermarket chain, 2013 & 2014 data.

You can download the full Annex 44 report here (pdf) or from the IEA-HPT website