Heat Pumps

We develop innovative heat pumps. Heat Pumps are an alternative to gas fired heating systems. Politics in The Netherlands stimulate home owners in this transition. For example, with a list of over 4000 subsidised heat pumps (2018). Almost all of these heat pumps are of the conventional compression type. Moreover, they usually work with refrigerants with a considerable global warming impact.

In contrast, Saint Trofee develops more innovative heat pumps. Because we want to avoid the use of refrigerants with a high global warming contribution. To this end, we are involved in a number of exciting developments.

  • A propane (R290) heat pump with very low refrigerant content
  • A wall-integrated heat pump without moving parts (ActiveWall)
  • Thermo-acoustic heat pumps (H2020 EU proposal)
  • Infrared Heat Pump heating system (2019)
  • HeatShift Temperature Booster to enable heat pumps in existing buildings(2019)

Recent heat pump developments

The infrared heat pump heating system and the temperature booster are very recent developments. Infrared electrical heating systems gain market share. Alas, these are not at all energy efficient, because they are basically electrical resistance heaters. Therefore, Saint Trofee decided to develop an infrared heat pump heating system. We cannot yet disclose information “online”, but please feel free to contact us.

Another recent heat pump development is our temperature booster. Older buildings often have high temperature heating radiators. Whereas heat pumps rely on low temperature heating. Consequently, heat pumps cannot be used in these buildings. Therefore we are now developing a solution: the HeatShift temperature booster. Again, we provide no information online yet, but feel free to contact us.