Cheap electricity for supermarkets

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ColdShift is a solution to provide cheap electricity for supermarkets.

In most supermarkets there are many refrigerated cabinets, for cooling and freezing. For each cabinet, the temperature and load are different. Consequently, each cabinet needs to be controlled independent of the other cabinets. Thus each cabinet has it’s own case controller.

ColdShift is a low-cost but on the contrary very clever Time of Use controller. It exploits the changes in electricity price over the course of a single day. ColdShift will make cabinets “run” more often when the electricity prices are low, and less often when these prices are high. Nevertheless, it will still very stricly guard the temperature limits of the goods stored in the cabinet. Because these limits must never be exceeded. They are, after all, the very reason why you have refrigeration in the first place.

ColdShift for your refrigerated display cabinets?

ColdShift can be fitted to each single refrigerated display cabinet as a small hardware controller. It’s size is about equal to a pack of cigarettes.

Alternatively, we can integrate ColdShift with the remote monitoring and control system of your refrigeration system. It will then no longer be a hardware controller, instead it will be a software application, e.g. at the site of your refrigeration service company.

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