About ColdShift

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It was surprising to notice that the idea to shift the time of use for refrigeration took so long to get implemented (*). Until we realized that an actual product to do so was missing. So here it is, the ColdShift time of use controller.

(*) After the “Night Wind” project was demonstrated

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KIC InnoEnergy connects entrepreneurs with the right ideas, the right support, and the right people in the energy sector. To help them bring their innovative new products or services to market. We focus on creating commercially viable businesses in the field of sustainable energy. We operate on a commercial basis. And we demonstrate faith in the new businesses we partner with by investing in them for the long-term.

KIC InnoEnergy believes in ColdShift for 3 reasons:

  1. First of all, the market opportunity to use the storage capacity of cooling cabinets for energy cost reduction and grid flexibility is BIG
  2. Moreover, with its advanced algorithm ColdShift is the first company in Europe that has proven a 10% energy cost reduction in an actual supermarket.
  3. Finally, Saint Trofee has expert knowledge in supermarket cooling, whereas other start-ups still try to figure out a working solution from scratch. Saint Trofee builds on years of research, knowledge, network and experience.