ColdShift Benefits.

We present the main benefits of the ColdShift controller below…..

Smart load shifting, the major ColdShift  benefit


The smart ColdShift case control makes refrigeration in shops possible at low cost. The electricity price changes all day. We can align the “on-periods” of refrigeration with low electricity prices. As a result, your will have lower costs. ColdShift takes account of both temperature and electricity price

The ColdShift case controller gives you the benefit of low electricity costs.


By making smart use of the fluctuating energy costs and by using the right energy storage, refrigeration runs at the optimum energy cost level. Given the present insights in future energy prices, ColdShift is future-proof. It is an innovation, no hype.

One of the ColdShift benefits is that it is fully reliable.


ColdShift does not replace the original built-in controller. Instead, it cooperates with it. So a safe temperature is guarded even when ColdShift is temporarily unavailable. This reliability contributes to the most important reason for refrigeration: to guarantee food safety and to lengthen shelf life. Supermarkets can certainly rely on ColdShift’s intelligence and specialist knowledge about refrigeration.

Apart from the main ColdShift benefits, there is more. Such as the low investment costs and excellent payack time.