ColdShift integrated

We integrated all info on the ColdShift time of use controller on the Saint Trofee website. ColdShift is a load-shifting controller for supermarket refrigeration. This information was published earlier on You will find the information here under the following headings:

Refrigeration load-shifting with ColdShift.

ColdShift gives you lower electricity costs for your supermarket refrigeration. How does that work? Electricity prices vary over the day, as a result of supply and demand. Your refrigeration installation does not normally take the electrcity price into account. It simply switches on when needed, and switches off when everything is “cool”. The ColdShift controller does take the electricity price into account. It switches refrigeration on when the price is low, and there is a refrigeration demand. And it switches refrigeration off when the price is high, and it is possible to switch off. Thus the ColdShift controller produces a shift in refrigeration demand to periods with a low electricity price. This is known as load-shifting or time of use control.

ColdShift benefits

The primary benefit of ColdShift are lower costs for electricity. At the same time, ColdShift never allows the temperatures in your refrigerated equipment to exceed the preset limits. Shutting down refrigeration when the electricity price is high is fine. But it is only fine when it is possible, and temperature limits are not exceeded. ColdShift contains the intelligence to optimize costs without concessions to quality.

Benefits for society

ColdShift saves you money, but it does more. Renewable sources such as solar panels and wind turbines supply electricity irrespective of demand. On a sunny or windy day, there is a lot of supply. But when there is not enough demand, the market kicks in and the electricity price drops. When you’re the owner of the solar panels or wind turbine, that’s too bad. Just when your production is great, your revenues diminish. And that may discourage you from further investments in solar panels or wind turbines. ColdShift helps to resolve the problem. It shifts refrigeration energy use to periods with high electricity production.

Electricity grid operators have to make efforts to deal with the discrepancy of supply and demand. They look for ways to reduce the discrepancy. Electricity storage is one method to cope with a supply surplus. But electricity storage is expensive. ColdShift is another – far less expensive – method.