Refrigeration and Smart Grids

Refrigeration systems can provide flexibility on smart grids. Many refrigeration systems work in “on/off” cycles. A Time of Use (load shifting) controller can change the timing of the “on” part of this cycle. Rather than to change the duration of the “on” period, it shifts the moment when this period appears in time.

Saint Trofee developed such controllers for industrial cold stores as well as for supermarkets. With these controllers energy use is shifted to periods with (too) high electricity production – and consequently with lower prices.

The ColdShift supermarket refrigeration controller shifts energy use to periods with low electricity price

The price of electricity changes wildly over the day. Electricity production from Wind and Solar is not constant, and not related to the demand. This causes the price to vary. It is a classical matter of supply and demand. (more…)

Saint Trofee offers products that make refrigeration systems “run” when the electricity prices is low. Maybe that is not unique. But above all, our products also keep very strict temperature limits. Read more on our controllers on the next pages: