Bakery Products

How to calculate cooling or freezing of bakery products? They often consist of porous materials. Therefore heat transfer does not only take place by means of conduction. Additionally, transfer takes place by means of an evaporation and condensation process. The BAKtix thermal simulation program for bakery products takes account of both heat and mass transfer. This includes the heat carried by the water transport through the product. The BAKtix program can calculate cooling or freezing of bakery products. The BAKtix simulation results have been validated by experiments.

Product models of bakery products with a complex geometry as used in the BAKtix program.

Calculation made easy

The BAKtix program comes with a set of 3D product models, to make life easy. They represent croissants, bread, pies and more. Also, there is a pre-filled database of thermal properties of bakery product ingredients.

The BAKtix program performing a simulation of whole bread cooling.


Even though we made it easy to do quick calculations, we did not reduce flexibility. It is possible to make detailed changes to the product models. Furthermore, you can divide the cooling or freezing process in a number of steps. For each step, you can define the (air) temperature, humidity and air speed.