ColdShift Economics

The simple payback time for ColdShift is 1-2 years on frozen food refrigerated display cabinets. We find the shortest payback times, above all, for large island freezers. Obviously, for chilled cabinets the payback time is longer because they use less energy. These ColdShift economics are based on savings results obtained in the field. Furthermore we used an investment level of 90 Euro per cabinet, and an electricity price that varies per quarter hour (around an average price of 0,10 Euro/kWh).

The following examples show ColdShift economics, in the form of payback times in various types of cooling and freezing display cabinets.

Freezer Island (data)

Energy use: 8400 kWh/year

Payback Time 1,0 year

Glass Door Freezer (data)

Energy use 4000 kWh/year

Payback Time 2,0 years

Serve Over counter – chilled (data)

Energy use 2040 kWh/year

Payback Time 3,9 years

Note: the energy use presented relates to refrigeration only, therefore it does not include energy use for lighting, fans or other uses.