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“With an electricity price that varies per 15 minutes – the near future of our energy market – the ColdShift controller has demonstrated a cost reduction of 11,2 %. The controller has shown to be fail-safe, and in this demonstration improved the cold production’s energy efficiency.”

Julien Meert – Technical project engineer at Colruyt

Colruyt installs ColdShift ­

We installed 3 ColdShift controllers on commercial freezers in the sales area of a Colruyt supermarket in Halle (Belgium). The ColdShift controllers operated in cost optimization mode. First of all, we used “live” BELPEX electricity market prices. The BELPEX market price takes on a new value every hour of the day. We performed this test at two different temperature settings. First we made a test in which the freezer temperature could vary between -18 ºC and -21 ºC. Then, in a second setting, it could vary between -18 °C and -25 ºC. To conclude the test program we performed tests in which the electricity price changed every 15 minutes.

We calculated cost saving results as: Consumption Price / Average Price. The Consumption Price is the average electricity price during “on” periods of refrigeration demand. The Average Price is the average electricity price over the whole “on” and “off” period. Consequently, without ColdShift controllers the freezers will operate at this Average Price.

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ColdShift controllers influence the freezer temperatures. The average freezer temperature was -19,3 ⁰C for the first temperature setting (-18 ºC to -21 ºC). Similarly, for the second setting (-18 ºC to -25 ºC), the average temperature was -21,0 ⁰C. In contrast, before we installed the ColdShift controllers the average freezer temperature was -21,5 ⁰C. Consequently the ColdShift controllers effectively raised the freezer’s average temperature. At this higher temperature the freezers consume less energy.

Demonstration at HANOS (NL)

At HANOS, a Dutch B2B supermarket retailer, we demonstrated ColdShift in 2017. We installed ColdShift on a large walk-in freezer with a front of multiple side by side glass doors. This freezer was connected to the central refrigeration plant. The demonstration results were very comparable to the results obtained earler at Colruyt.

Glass door facade of the walk in freezer at HANOS (NL)