Thermal Simulation

When you need to know how fast an object cools down, freezes or heats up, you could go “by the book” (e.g. the famous “W√§rme-Atlas”). This will do fine when you have objects with a simple geometry, in a medium (air/liquid) with a constant temperature. But in many cases (like in food refrigeration), life is less simple, and you will need a good thermal simulation program:

  • Products with irregular shapes
  • Inhomogeneous products
  • Cooling medium conditions that change over time
  • Interaction of heat and moisture transport

Saint Trofee created simulation software for cooling and freezing of food products.

Simulation of cooling and freezing of a salmon fillet in air, temperatures in vertical cross section (WINtix)

We have built dedicated thermal simulation software for:

  • Cooling of meat (BERtix)
  • Cooling and freezing of bakery products (BAKtix)

We also created a special version of these simulation programs to model the ice crystal growth in food products. This version was used in the EU research project “FRISBEE” to model ice crystal growth in salmon fillets during freezing.

Another subject on which Saint Trofee made thermal simulations with our programs are “Ground Source Heat Exchangers” (GSHX). These are used as a heat source for heat pumps.