Intelligent Time of Use control

There is a simple and brute way to save electricity cost by means of time of use control in refrigeration systems. Which is to simply switch off the compressors whenever the price passes a “high” treshold. And sadly, this is indeed what some market parties accomplish. 

Saint Trofee developed the ColdShift, ESTORE and NightWind Time of Use controllers. These conytrollers are highly intelligent. Bacause of that, the controllers are easy to install and to operate. And even more important:  it makes sure your goods are always kept at the correct temperature.  

Our controllers have a number of unique intelligent features:

  • The controllers have a learning capability. They adjust to the thermal characteristics of the “load” they are operating on. The controllers will adapt automatically when the load changes. For example, when a cold store is unloaded or loaded with more products (ESTORE). Or as another example, when products are gradually selling out from a refrigerated display cabinet (ColdShift). 
  • Similarly, the controllers adjust automatically when they are installed. They adjust to the size and characteristics of the refrigerating equipment on which they are installed.
  • By knowing the thermal characteristics, the controllers can predict when temperatures would rise too high (in case compressors are switched off). And based on this knowledge, they make sure never to let this happen. 
  • The controllers do not simply take account of the current electricity price. They look ahead (online) at the electricity price for the coming 24 hours. This will prevent “shooting off” when the current electricity price is a bit high, but is even much higher in the next hour.

Moreover, Saint Trofee and her research partners have investigated the effect of temperature variations on the quality of food products. We know with which products we can safely apply Time of Use control.