Private homes, offices and public buildings all need a comfortable indoor climate. So we use heating systems to heat. And we use cooling systems, or air conditioners, to cool. Common heating systems use gas or oil for heating. But nowadays we want to switch from fossil fuels to renewable power sources, such as solar- and wind energy. These systems produce electricity. Therefore, we will have to switch to electrical heating systems. And while we’re at it, we need the development of better electrical heating systems.

ActiveWall by Saint Trofee, development of a better electrical heating system. ActiveWall Logo

Development of better electrical heating systems

ActiveWall is a new system for comfort heating and -cooling, powered by electricity. It’s not just new, it is very different from all systems on the market right now. It has no moving parts which makes it completely silent. It is built inside the wall so it does not occupy space. And the investment costs are low. It simply is a better electrical heating system.