Markets for ActiveWall

Even though ActiveWall can be applied in almost any new building without load bearing walls, there are certain market segments where ActiveWall is the really perfect heating and cooling solution.

semi permanent buildings

Space is important in semi permanent buildings. Therefore this is a perfect market for ActiveWall

ActiveWall is an ideal heating and cooling solution for semi permanent buildings. Especially the fact that ActiveWall does not need any space to install makes it very convenient in this market segment.

Timber frame building

Timber frame buildings. A market for ActiveWall

In timber-frame building, the walls are not load bearing. Usually the production takes place off-site. Therefore it is easy to integrate ActiveWall in the walls. These type of buildings are common in Northern Europe and North America.

Steel frame construction

Steel frame office buildings. A market for ActiveWall

Steel frame construction is popular for office buildings. The off-site production of wall elements makes this method very convenient for ActiveWall. Another positive aspect is the fact that the walls are not load bearing.

Sandwich panel constructions

Buildings with sandwich panel construction. A market for ActiveWall

For industry buildings sandwich panel construction is quite common. Again, off-site wall panel construction and the aspect of non load bearing walls make it a good market for ActiveWall. Furthermore, cold stores for cooling (but not for freezing) are part of this market segment.

To conclude, the market of semi permanent buildings is absolutely perfect for ActiveWall. Furthermore buildings with timber frame, steel frame or sandwich panels are good markets for ActiveWall.