ActiveWall USP’s

The Unique Selling Points (USP’s) of ActiveWall are: silence, space and low investment.

In fact ActiveWall scores quite some more good points. See for yourself in the figure below. In the text below the figure we give more details.

ActiveWall advantages
ActiveWall advantages

Solid state design

ActiveWall has a unique solid state design. In contrast to common heat pumps, it does not have any moving parts. Which means it is absolutely silent. Additionally, the absence of moving parts means that the chances of breakdown are very low. Consequently the maintenance costs for ActiveWall are low.

Heating and Cooling

Heating is the primary function, but cooling comes as an additional feature. It comes without any added costs. And without extra installation needs. It is simply there. With the remote control cooling can be switched on just as easy as the heating function.

No refrigerant emissions

All common heat pumps contain a refrigerant inside. In some cases this is a natural refrigerant. But mostly, it is a fluid with a high global warming impact. That’s not a problem when the refrigerant stays inside your heat pump. Unfortunately though, more often than not the refrigerant leaks out over time. Consequently you’ll have to pay to have your heat pump refilled. But moreover, it’s bad for our environment. With ActiveWall all this is past history. ActiveWall does not contain any refrigerant.

Great comfort

ActiveWall provides a really nice comfort. Many heating systems rely on heating the air, which we call convective heating. Air movement can cause drafts, and spots with higher or lower temperatures than desired. On the other hand, ActiveWall relies on a mix of radiative and convective heating. Therefore the comfort increases, and cold spots are avoided.

No defrosting issues

When it’s cold outside, an air source heat pump coil can freeze up. That’s not a big problem, but it needs defrosting, and that costs energy and time. With ActiveWall there is less frost formation. Moreover, it is not necessary to defrost.

Cost efficient

The investment costs for ActiveWall are lower than for common heat pumps. And there are almost no maintenance costs. So what about the running costs? There are three effects that make ActiveWall very energy efficient. To begin with, you need less heat because of the mix of convective and radiative heating. Secondly, there are no distribution losses with ActiveWall. And Finally, ActiveWall responds very fast. This means you don’t have to switch on the heating hours before you enter the room. In all, the energy efficiency of ActiveWall is equivalent to a COP = 5,0

Space and aesthetics

ActiveWall is totally integrated in the wall. So you don’t need any space for the equipment. So you will keep all space on your attic to yourself. And you’ll have no “noisy box” in your garden. That’s not only good for space, but also from an aesthetic point of view.

No space is required for ActiveWall. Everything is fully integrated in your walls.