The ActiveWall Solution

The silent ActiveWall heat pump is a heat pump without moving parts. Consequently, it needs almost no maintenance. Also, it does not contain a refrigerant with a global warming potential. In fact, it does not contain a refrigerant at all. But most of all, it does not occupy any space in your house. In fact, you won’t even see it’s there. ActiveWall is a wall-integrated heat pump.

An impression of the ActiveWall heat pump for comfort heating and cooling.

Heating and Cooling with ActiveWall

Heat Pumps are for heating, right? Yes, but…… a heat pump can also cool. Not when you have a floor heating system. But ActiveWall is integrated in the wall and can cool your home. Just as silent as it can heat. You can simply switch between heating and cooling with your remote control.

Short presentation of ActiveWall by Sietze van der Sluis, Saint Trofee. Kleve (D), 2017.

Solution to user needs

We have analysed user needs for comfort heating. Surprisingly, none of the existing systems comply with all those needs. Especially when it comes to heating systems powered by electricity. The main defaults are costs, noise, space requirements and aesthetics. So we developed the silent ActiveWall heat pump. The investment costs for ActiveWall are lower than for conventional heat pumps.

The development was supported by the EU-Interreg “Cleantech Energy Crossing” project. In this project, German and Dutch companies work together to develop new heating solutions. Other parts of the project deal with Energy Storage and Direct Current home solutions.