Comfort heating with electricity

A comfortable indoor climate is desirable, wherever we are: in our private homes, in public buildings or in utility buildings. So far, heating with gas or oil is quite common. On the other hand, what about the options for heating with electricity?

Heat Pumps – water / ground source

These installations pump heat from the ground or from a water surface into your house. Consequently, there are often considerable investments needed to install the (ground source) heat exchangers. Indoor, there is usually floor heating – which is slow to respond to demand. Moreover, these systems mostly do not provide cooling.

Heat Pumps – air source

Air source heat pumps collect heat from the outdoor air. They can do so even at low outdoor temperatures. In that case, automatic defrosting will be necessary. The outdoor unit can form a noise problem. Unfortunately, the current heat pump generation does not provide an aesthetically pleasing contribution to your outdoor environment……

Electrical (resistance) heaters

Electrical heaters (resistance heaters) have low investment costs. But on the other hand, they are expensive to run. A heat pump with a COP = 4 produces 4 kW of heat for every kW of electricity, an electric heater produces only 1 kW of heat for every kW of electricity.

User requirements

  • Lower investment costs
  • Low running costs
  • Maintenance free
  • Minimum environmental impact
  • Low space requirement
  • Heating and cooling
  • Silent
  • Aesthetic
  • Easy to use
  • Fast response
  • Safe

None of the conventional systems (heat pumps or resistance heating) meet all of these requirements. On the contrary, ActiveWall does…….