Sietze van der Sluis is founder and owner of Saint Trofee.

Sietze van der Sluis

“In 2008 I started my own company, Saint Trofee. Before that I worked for many years in research. In fact I followed a quite traditional path. I started as a “junior” at a research and communication bureau in Rotterdam. After that I took the opportunity to travel around the globe for a year. Next, I started as researcher at the largest research organization of the Netherlands, TNO. Step by step, I drifted of to management, first as a team leader and later as head of the refrigeration and heat pump department. And finally as a member of the institute’s management team. My next step was as director of a research center in Germany. By then I was ready for Saint Trofee…..”

Master degree (M.Sc) from the Delft University of Technology (in nuclear physics). Followed by a post-doc study in refrigeration.

  • Associate at Saint Trofee
  • Honorary member of the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIF/IIR)
  • President of the IIR subcommission on refrigerated display cabinets
  • Member of the Royal Dutch refrigeration association KNVvK

Former posts:

  • Department Head of the Refrigeration and Heat Pump department at the Netherlands Oranization for Applied Scientific Research TNO
  • General Manager at the “Forschungszentrum für Kältetechnik und Wärmepumpe” FKW GmbH in Hannover, Germany 

Direct Contact:   sietze@sainttrofee.nl  |  +31 (0)575 775562

Sietze van der Sluis (standing left, black jacket) at the annual meeting of the KNVvK


I like to think just a little bit “outside the box”. That creates the innovative ideas. After that, it’s all about making these ideas realistic and economical. And when work is done, I’m quite fond of impressionist painters, music and barefoot dancing.