Saint Trofee was partner in a number of international research projects. Furthermore we develop our own products. We also create products together with partners or under a single contract. You can see some of our references below.

Research Projects

  • MINIREF (EU). The project explored options for low refrigerant content in industrial systems. We worked on a laboratory HFK system. Also, we worked on an ammonia (NH3) system. Most noteworthy, we used industrial size microchannel heat exchangers to reach our goal.
  • FRISBEE (EU). The project goal was to improve refrigeration along the food chain. Saint Trofee studied ice crystal growth in food products. For this reason, we included ice crystal size in our thermal simulation software.
  • ESTORE (EIT-KIC). We developed a Time of Use controller for load shifting in industrial cold stores. For this purpose we formed a team of Dutch an Belgian partners. As a result we created the ESTORE product, marketed by partner ENGIE.
  • CLASP (USA). Commercial Refrigeration Equipment (CRE): mapping and benchmarking (you can view the report/pdf).
  • IEA. In this project we created Supermarket (Energy) Performance Indicators. We worked together with teams from Sweden and Denmark. (view report/pdf).

Product Development

  • We created thermal simulation software for food products (BERtix, BAKtix). This is a great help when you need to calculate cooling- or freezing times.
  • Load shifting controllers for refrigeration systems add flexibility to smart electricity grids. Saint Trofee was one of the first to see this potential. We then actively worked on the further development.
    •  NightWind   –  This is the first industrial cold store demo project
    •  ESTORE        –  An industrial cold store controller. It is now marketed by ENGIE
    • ColdShift       –  To conclude, we made a supermarket refrigeration controller
  • We are developing a wall integrated air to air heat pump (ActiveWall). The EU  Interreg Project “Cleantech Energy Crossing” supports this development.
  • Together with a Dutch industry partner, we innovate. We are building a low-cost propane (R290) Heat Pump. This heat pump is for use in single family housing.
  • Have a look at our new initiatives in the posts on our homepage. Or even better: contact us to discuss possibilities to cooperate.

And finally…

Saint Trofee has expert knowledge. Above all in the field of supermarket refrigeration. Based on that we sometimes perform consultancy. We helped Dutch supermarkets on issues regarding glass doors. And we assisted LIDL Nederland GmbH with certification of refrigerated facilities. We have contributed our experise to a Dutch manufacturer of refrigerated display cabinets. Subsequently they won the Dutch refrigeration award 2018 with their cabinet……